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My mind is full of your love

My mind is full of your love and even in a state of craze.

My mind is made up and at only you I’ll always direct my gaze.

I’m deeply in love with you and I’m falling fast.

You made my love life so real that I cannot even remember any girl in my past.

I wish we’ll get married quickly.

Leaving me is certainly risky.

I’ll always be there; I’ll never tell you I’m busy.

Because if I do I’ll really feel guilty.

I’ll not domineering, so I’ll never be bossy.

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  1. Jeff- You are cot;rcr&#8230eIf unions were only interested in the well-being of their workers, they would probably oppose Obamacare or not take a position at all. However–as we can see with the Trumka op-ed–the union leadership is really part of a socialist alliance. It’s not about healthcare, but about government control.

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