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$150.00 $99.00

Validity: 3 Months

Delivery: Inbox

An average startup company needs to send a large number of emails daily, which cannot be done with mail servers used by the public. It is unique and tailored for your needs. Now the way you send and receive emails is more secure and fast. What is the need for SMTP server, you may think? The reason would be to keep your files in one place and you don’t want to share with the public servers. You invest your money with servers and It’s more private.
To send emails you will need a strong SMTP configuration. SMTP is a protocol to send emails from your server to the internet and it pushes your information. While the POP3 port configuration helps you receive any email sent to you from others. SSL certificate is used at our sites and the price for this service is cheap compared to the service you’ll get.
Once you have your own SMTP server for your organization then you can send emails of your required quantity. Most public servers never allow users to send emails more than 500 per day, but with only one of our SMTP servers you can send unlimited emails per day.

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