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UK Phone Number

UK Phone Number
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UK Phone Number


Your Free United Kingdom Phone Number: 447915398776

  1. Make Phone Calls to any Phone Number using your phone.
  2. Receive Phone Calls to your local Phone Number.
  3. Use your United Kingdom Phone Number to verify major websites such as Yahoo, Google Voice, WhatsApp, Craiglist, Facebook e.t.c.
  4. Send Text Messages using your United Kingdom Phone Number to any Phone Number.
  5. Receive Text Messages to your local Phone Number.
  6. Receive Text Messages to your email address.
  7. Download  all your Call Recordings.
  8. Enter your Voicemail Message that will be read out to callers when you’re unavailable.
  9. 24/7 Live Support.

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Product Description

8 Reasons why you need a UK Phone Number

  • It’s FREE: Any region in UK, it’s all FREE, as long as it’s on Kayode.net. Although, you need to purchase Airtime to make it functional. This is automatically included in your order.
  • Remain local to your family, friends and business: With a Free Phone Number from Kayode.net, you can physically reside in any country and communicate with your friends, family, associates and clients locally. Nobody knows where you really are! Every caller or recipient thinks you reside in the country of your Phone Number. No network or reception issues. Incoming Calls and SMS get forwarded to your Local Phone Number (which you can change anytime) without any clue of your real location. Outgoing Calls and SMS displays the identity and location of the Phone Number.
  • Free Calling Features: You’ll enjoy a variety of Free Calling Features, which would normally incur extra charges with a traditional phone service. The free features include Voicemail , Caller ID , Conference Calling , Call Waiting , Call Forwarding, Call Recording and many others. You can have your voicemail and text messages e-mailed to you for easy playback and referencing. You can download your Call Recordings and listen to them anytime as all calls are automatically recorded. This in turn can help you save big on your monthly phone bill.
  • WhatsApp, TrueCaller, Skype, 2go and other Mobile Apps work with your Phone Number: With a Free Phone Number from Kayode.net, you can setup the Phone Number on Mobile Apps like WhatsApp although, you’ll need a Laptop/Desktop/PC to do that. All that is required is to download LeapDroid from Kayode.net, setup and verify your App. It’s that easy.
  • Customizable Sender/Caller: One of the reasons why Kayode.net is exceptional is that you can use the Airtime/SMS Unit on your account to Call/Text any Phone Number with any Phone Number in the world. This can only be found on Kayode.net, take it or leave it.
  • Offline Calling and Texting: Every other Phone Number solution nowadays only allows you to Call/Text when you’re online but on Kayode.net, you can Call and Text without Internet/Data. You can use any Phone to make your Call or send your Text. Of course, it’s your Free Phone Number with us that will show on the recipient’s phone.
  • Activation is instant: All Phone Numbers on Kayode.net start working as soon as the order is completed.
  • 24/7 Support: We’re always online to help whenever you need it. We offer 24/7 Live Chat on our website, Phone & WhatsApp (+18652178065), Skype (kayodeapp), Facebook (kayodecallandtext), Twitter (@kayodeapp) & Instagram (@kayodeapp).


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    A wonderful job. Super helpful inonrmatiof.

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